We get it!

We’re busy women, and just like you, we have work, family and community obligations. We understand and appreciate how it feels to juggle all those duties while trying to find the time to eat healthfully.

We know your time is limited, and that's why we make things super simple! Our meal plans are easy-to-follow & practical, so you can be efficient without compromising your healthy eating goals.

 AAY Nutrition Weight Loss Accountability Program

Our new Weight Loss Accountability Program will help be more consistent with your habits and finally achieve the results you've been looking for.

If you're working on weight loss, but are having a hard time achieving or maintaining your goal, this five-week program is perfect for you. We kick off as a group on May 7th.

AAYNutrition_One Week Meal Plan

This One-Week Meal Plan is perfect if you’re feeling like your body needs a reset, or you simply want one week of simple, delicious meals & snacks all planned out for you.

We include only Trader Joe's staple items, so you can return to & repeat your meal plan anytime you choose. Sign up today!

AAY Nutrition Summer Meal Plan.png

Four times per year we release an exclusive 5-Week Seasonal Meal Plan that includes recipes with the latest Trader Joe's seasonal products, expert guidance & community support!

We follow this meal plan as a group with a specific start & end date. Summer will kick off in June. Get on our waitlist to be the first to know!