We get it!

We’re busy women, and just like you, we have work, family and community obligations. We understand and appreciate how it feels to juggle all those duties while trying to find the time to eat healthfully.

We know your time is limited, and that's why we make things super simple! Our meal plans are easy-to-follow & practical, so you can be efficient without compromising your healthy eating goals.

 AAY Nutrition Work With Us Five Week Meal Plan and Coaching

You’ll receive the best of our expert guidance & coaching along with our new 5-Week Fall Meal Plan.

Through our new app, we make it convenient and practical to follow our menus. We'll help you set up a solid foundation and see results.

We start following our Week 1 Meal Plan on Monday, October 22!

AAYNutrition_One Week Meal Plan

This One-Week Meal Plan is perfect if you’re feeling like your body needs a reset, or you simply want one week of simple, delicious meals & snacks all planned out for you.

We include only Trader Joe's staple items, so you can return to & repeat your meal plan anytime you choose. Sign up today!