The only nutrition program of its kind.

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For women who want lasting weight loss without feeling deprived, worrying about what to eat or wasting hours in the kitchen.

The AAY! Healthy Eating at Trader Joe’s System not only provides nutritious, delicious easy-to-follow seasonal meal plans but also gives you step-by-step guidance & support.

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  By the end of this 6-Week Program, you will have:

  • Gained confidence in your ability to be consistent with healthy eating habits

  • Improved your skills & efficiency in the kitchen

  • Enjoyed six weeks of delicious meals (that you quickly & easily made yourself!)

  • Experienced the improved energy that comes with fueling your body correctly

  • Set up routines that make healthy eating practical & convenient

  • Learned the basics of good nutrition

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But above all else, The AAY! Healthy Eating at Trader Joe’s System will give you a renewed sense of control over your health & well-being.


What's Inside The AAY! Healthy Eating at Trader Joe’s System:

When you enroll you’ll get:

  • Six-Week Seasonal Meal Plan with simple & satisfying recipes and nutritionally balanced daily menus.

  • Detailed Shopping List Exclusive to Trader Joe's with every ingredient you'll need each week.

  • Online Photo Directory of the harder-to-find TJ’s products so there's no guesswork.

  • Step-by-Step Prep Guides showing you exactly how to prep your food in record time.

  • Expert Guidance in the form of bite-sized weekly audio lessons from your nutritionist and nutrition coach.

  • Accountability & Support in our private members-only Facebook group.

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How does the program work?

When you join our 6-week session, you’ll get immediate access to our Get Started Guide Materials so that you can dig in and set yourself up for success!

Every Thursday: you’ll receive that week’s menus, shopping list, photo directory and audio lessons.

≫ Every weekend: you’ll shop & prep. By Sunday evening you’ll check in to the group to let us know you’re ready for the week.

≫ Every Monday: we’ll all start following the new menus together.

Plus you’ll get an invaluable Stack of Resources designed to help you hit the ground running and accelerate your results, including a Weight Loss Guide, Eating Out Guide, Treat Guide, Portions Guide, and so much more!