Having the right supplies in your home will make your food prep & meal planning experience so much easier. You may already have some or most of these items, but in case you don't, here are a few products we recommend from Amazon.


Menu Organization

You will be printing weekly menus & shopping lists. It's helpful to keep them organized with a Binder and Page Dividers. We included a template for the divider tabs in your welcome email.



Water Bottles

You'll need enough water bottles to fill 80 ounces per day. We suggest bottles that are easy to clean and take with you.



Measuring Tools

You will use a food scale throughout the program and it's a good investment for managing portion control. Most likely you already have measuring cups & spoons, but just in case, here are some good ones. Tip: don't measure liquids in measuring cups designed for solids.



Food Storage

Containers for storing your prepped foods, and taking your healthy meals & snacks to work or on the go.



Misc. Kitchen Supplies