Fall Meal Plan +

Coaching Program

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Fall Meal Plan + Coaching 


Our New Fall Meal Plan includes recipes that highlight the season's fresh fruits, vegetables and cooking staples - all from Trader Joe's. 

We designed our Meal Plan to be practical & easy-to-follow to complement your busy lifestyle. You'll enjoy delicious & satisfying foods without spending hours in the kitchen or compromising your healthy eating goals!

Plus, you'll get a one-on-one coaching call where we'll discuss your goals & challenges. And through our new app you'll continue to get expert guidance, support & motivation to help you follow the meal plan and reach your goals. 




The signature AAY! Approach to reaching your goals.


1) Make it convenient! If it's too time consuming you won't stick with it long-term. We embrace shortcuts and aim for consistency, not perfection.

2) Don't restrict! Healthy eating is about enhancing your quality of life, not suffering. We believe you need to create a lifestyle that allows you to eat & live well. 

3) Have a plan! When you aren't prepared in advance, you waste money & energy on food decisions. We design our meal plans to help you make the best use of your time with smart, efficient meal prep. 

4) Don't go it alone! You may have the best intentions, but it's easy to get off track. We've worked with hundreds of clients, and by far the best results come from the combination of expert guidance & group support.

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What's Included

This program is designed to help you build a solid foundation so eating healthfully becomes a way of life. You'll learn how to reach and maintain your goals naturally without getting caught in a vicious diet cycle.

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Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Plan includes simple & satisfying recipes and nutritionally balanced daily menus with properly portioned breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks. BONUS: When you complete the program you'll receive an extra week of menus & recipes!

AAY Nutrition Included Shopping List

Detailed Shopping List

Exclusive to Trader Joe's with every ingredient you'll need for each week. We'll also share our photo directory of the harder-to-find products so there's no guesswork. You'll be in & out of the grocery store in record time!

AAY Nutrition Included Prep Guide

Easy Prep Guide

Tips & shortcuts to get you prepared and organized for a successful week of eating. This handy outline will help you prep in less than an hour, so you can save time throughout your busy week.

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Expert Guidance & Accountability

Through our new app (available for both iPhone and Android), you'll track the habits that support weight loss. We'll also be coaching you through this platform to help you strategize & reach your goals.

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You'll have the opportunity to set up a 15-minute one-on-one coaching call with us so that we can discuss your goals and challenges. Plus, each week we'll post short coaching videos with practical tips & strategies to help you stay motivated and improve your success rate.

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Group Support

This is not a "download and you're on your own" plan! You'll have access to us, Elaine & Narina, in our private facebook group throughout the five weeks. You'll also be in the company of others who are cooking, prepping, and following the meal plan right alongside you!


How does the program work?


● A full week of menus & shopping list will be delivered to your inbox every Thursday for six weeks! You'll also have our comprehensive Menu Guide to help you adjust your menus for further customization.

● Every Thursday Narina will post a video with quick tips for that week's recipes to help you get the most out of your new menus.

● You'll have the weekend to shop & prep and then we'll begin following the menus together on Monday.

● To help you maximize your success throughout the week, you'll be tracking specific habits & communicating with us through our app. 

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In addition to your Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping Lists, we're also sharing our AAY! Go-To Guides to help you eat out and enjoy treats while also staying true to your nutrition goals.

 AAY Nutrition Dining Out Guide

Dining Out Guide

Whether you're going out to a restaurant, traveling or looking for the healthiest Subway & Starbucks options, this guide has you covered!

 AAY Nutrition Treat Guide

Trader Joe's Treat Guide

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our picks for ready-to-eat treats from Trader Joe's, plus simple dessert & cocktail recipes to make at home.

 AAY Nutrition Vegetarian Protein Guide

Vegetarian Protein Guide

We provide vegetarian alternatives for all meat recipes, but you can also use this guide to make your own substitutions. 

 AAY Nutrition Must-Have Staples Guide

Must-Have Staples

Keep these common Trader Joe's staples on hand and you'll be able to put together a healthy meal even on your busiest day. 

 AAY Nutrition Chicken Recipes Guide

Bonus Chicken Recipes

To save you time in the kitchen, we have pre-cooked chicken on your shopping list, but if you prefer to make your own, you can use these delicious recipes. 

 AAY Nutrition Testimonials
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Why Trader Joe's exclusive?


1) It has just enough variety without being overwhelming (unlike our experience shopping at big-box stores).

2) They have everything we need so we don't have to shop at multiple stores.

3) Their prepared foods are made with simple, healthful ingredients, allowing us to create fast, nutritious, tasty & budget-friendly meals.

4) It makes shopping faster & easier for you! Since we're all shopping at the same store, we're able to select specific products for your shopping list. You'll find exactly what you need without having to guess. 

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Is it for you?

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Your life is busy, and you welcome the time-saving simplicity of just following a healthy eating plan.

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You like to eat healthfully but find yourself eating the same meals over & over. You'd love to learn new recipes and meal ideas that incorporate seasonal items.

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You've been working on your eating habits, but it's complicated & hard to stay on track. You know that you would finally reach your goal if you had the support & guidance of a coach & community.

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You're not new to the world of nutrition, but you could benefit from some accountability to actually follow a meal plan consistently.

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You're ready to put in a little time & effort to create a healthy routine that works for your lifestyle.




Thursday, October 18

You'll receive Week 1 Menus & Program Materials.


Monday, October 22

We all start our Week 1 Menus together.


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