What’s the deal with Trader Joe’s Product Recalls?

AAY NUTRITION BLOG - Trader Joe’s Product Recalls

Have you noticed that there seem to be A LOT of recalls on Trader Joe’s products? What’s the deal with that, and how do we keep ourselves safe?


The first thing to know is that TJ’s reacts quickly whenever an issue is suspected. Because they are so proactive, they are often the first grocery store to get the word out about a recall.

This puts them in a leading edge position, with their name at the top of the press releases, even though the recall may involve many other stores & brands. Because they are ahead of the curve, recalls often get framed in the media as a "Trader Joe's recall" even though it's a nationwide or worldwide recall.


For example, in 2018 the Belgian beer brand Stella Artois issued a voluntary recall in the U.S. and Canada because less than 1% of its glass bottles sold in North America may have contained glass particles.

Although the recall was voluntary, Trader Joe’s immediately pulled it from the shelves, sent notices to stores, put up signs at registers, posted on their website and emailed their subscribers.

As a result of their quick action, the ban became known as a “Trader Joe’s recall” even though it wasn’t a Trader Joe’s brand. In fact, it was a product that was sold in stores worldwide.


As Trader Joe’s shoppers, we find it reassuring to know that when there is any doubt about a product’s safety or quality, TJ’s takes action quickly, investigates potential problems and removes the product from sale. 

While there will inevitably be cases of contamination in the food supply-chain, we are glad to shop a store that puts the wellbeing & safety of their customers first. Even above their bottom line & their reputation.


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