Seasonal Strategies to Stay on Track at Work & Home


The holiday season is full of obstacles at both home and work that can easily derail your good eating habits & best intentions.

But with the right strategies, you can enjoy the company of your colleagues, friends, and family without abandoning your commitment to good nutrition. 

Here are our top three strategies to help you stay on track at both work & home:


1) Encourage your colleagues to agree on some "guidelines" for treats in the office. For example, treats are allowed into the office only on Fridays.

2) Be prepared by bringing your own healthy food to work. Include some fruit, which can reduce your sweet tooth and can be a healthy alternative to turn to when treats are being passed around. 

3) Move more. Eat your lunch and then go for a walk. Not only will you be burning more calories, you'll also be taking yourself out of the tempting environment. 


1) Don't keep tempting foods in the house. If others give you chocolates, cookies or cakes, give them away to someone else. If you host a get-together, send all the leftovers home with your guests.

2) Be aware of why you are eating. Is it because you are hungry? Or are you overly excited, stressed, sad or lonely? Holidays & get-togethers can lead to an unusual amount of emotional eating. Focus on dealing with your emotions in ways other than with food.

3) Forgive yourself! If you do slip up, don't let it escalate. Recognize that it is one small slip and that you are only human. Move on and return to your healthy habits guilt-free.


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