How to Use Self-Care to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals



When we coach clients through weight loss, self-care is an integral part of the process.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but incorporating self-care helps you reach your weight loss goals in a healthier, more sustainable manner. Here’s why.

Self-care means engaging in an activity that nourishes & uplifts you in body, mind or soul. It’s anything that inspires, restores, sustains or improves your physical or mental health.


When you have a regular self-care practice, you consistently & respectfully care for your well-being so that you can be the healthiest, most balanced version of YOU. And it’s that version of yourself that will make decisions that support your goals.

Where people sometimes get into trouble is when they confuse “self-care” with “self-indulgence.”


Self-indulgence means engaging in an activity that feels good at the moment but has no additional benefits. It is often a misguided attempt to boost our positive feelings about ourselves and leads us further away from our goals. 

Self-care often feels like work at the moment, but ultimately results in feeling better (energized, alert, joyful, focused). Self-Indulgence feels easy in the moment, but results in feeling worse (lethargic, bloated, hung over, ashamed).


Here are examples of Self-Indulgence and Self-Care to help you understand the difference:

1) It’s dinner time and you don’t have a plan, so you

  • Self-Indulgence: pull up a take-out menu on your phone and order something to pick up on the way home.

  • Self-Care: get creative and cook yourself a healthy meal from items in your pantry & freezer.

2) You’re tired at the end of the day, so you

  • Self-Indulgence: oversleep in the morning and skip tomorrow’s workout.

  • Self-Care: go to bed 30 minutes early so you can get up and work out in the morning.

3) You feel stressed, so you

  • Self-Indulgence: “treat” yourself to a carton of ice cream after dinner

  • Self-Care: enjoy a hot bubble bath after dinner


Self-care is about much more than pampering. It’s about the small ways in which you care for yourself on a daily basis. Taking the time for self-care will not only make you a happier & calmer person, it will also help you reach your goals, especially those related to weight loss.