How to Get Support & Stop Struggling with Habit Change

AAY Nutrition How to Get Support & Stop Struggling with Habit Change


Want to change your life?

When you’re ready for a lifestyle overhaul – whether that means better eating habits, more consistent exercise or a better sleep routine – it can feel overwhelming!

But, it is possible with a little time and the right support. 

Think about any major lifestyle change you've experienced in the past and what it took to adjust. Sure, it took effort & commitment, but it also took a lot of help from others.

Maybe you’ve experienced one of these changes:

  • You became a parent! Nothing will overhaul your lifestyle like having your first baby. No matter how prepared or unprepared you felt, you probably made great use of your network of friends & relatives for guidance, advice, tips & support.

  • You started a new career! Whether it was your first career out of college or you changed careers mid-life, there was a lot you needed to learn in order to avoid common pitfalls & set yourself up for success. You probably reached out to experts, mentors and peers as you learned to navigate this new world.  

Changing your health habits can feel just as overwhelming as switching careers or becoming a new parent, so it's just as important to reach out for help. According to the American Psychological Association, lifestyle change is a process that takes time and requires support.

When you make a commitment to start eating healthier, it can feel lonely and isolating if you don't have a support network. But, it’s a lot more manageable when you surround yourself with others who are on a similar journey.

It’s empowering to know you’re not alone. Even one person you can confide in, ask questions, or exchange tips with can make a big difference.

Follow these simple steps to start building YOUR support team today:

  1. Enlist the help of family/household members. They can either be your greatest support or your biggest downfall. Have a heart-to-heart talk and let them know why your new healthy eating habits are so important to you. Then give them concrete examples of what they can do to support you.

  2. Reach out to friends & co-workers. You don't have to announce to everyone that you're changing your eating habits, but having even just one or two buddies you can share the journey with can be extremely helpful. You & a co-worker can eat your healthy lunches together and then take a brisk walk. You can invite a good friend to your place for a home-cooked healthy meal rather than going out for dinner & drinks.

  3. Join a community of like-minded people. No matter how cooperative your friends & family are, you probably need additional support. Even when they have the best of intentions, you can't expect others to understand what you're going through if it's not their journey. That’s why it’s helpful to find others who are also striving to live a healthy lifestyle. And we know just the group!

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