Tips For Planning Your Meals

When you're hungry and unprepared, it can be very tempting to give in and eat foods that don't support your health & weight loss goals. But, if you take the time to plan your meals in advance, it's easy to stay on track throughout the week.

Here are tips from AAY! Nutritionist, Narina, to help set you up for a successful week of healthy eating:



Put time aside each weekend to plan meals & snacks for the upcoming week.

  • Inventory your kitchen & review your social calendar.

  • Include a variety of different types of protein, grains, fruits & vegetables.

  • Create a shopping list, organized by aisle. 

  • To save time, organize your shopping list by aisle beginning left to right.

  • Shop during slow times or order online to get your groceries delivered.

  • Don't shop when you're hungry, and don't buy anything not on your shopping list.


The more you prepare on the weekends, the less you have to do during the busy work week.

  • Wash, cut and store your fresh produce.

  • Prepare any sauces or dressings used in your recipes.

  • Chop & dice herbs, veggies and fruit, and then store them in ready-to-use containers.

  • Make food prep fun! Involve your family, light a candle or listen to your favorite podcast, music or audiobook.

➤ Effective menu-planning is a skill that takes practice. See what works best for you, be consistent, and create an approach that fits your lifestyle.