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We're Narina & Elaine, the founders of AAY! Nutrition.

We’re busy women, and just like you, we have work, family and community obligations.

We understand and appreciate how it feels to juggle all those duties while trying to find the time to eat healthfully.

Even with our backgrounds in fitness, nutrition and coaching, we used to either spend too much time & money preparing our healthy food, or in an effort to save time, we’d go back to the same old back-up recipes over & over.

Here’s the question we wanted to answer for ourselves: 

How do I feed myself well, with a variety of nourishing & delicious foods that support my health goals, without spending too much time or money?

We set out to answer that question for ourselves and our clients when we started AAY! back in 2005.

Now, with years of education and the experience of helping thousands of people reach their goals, we've developed an easy-to-follow system that combines good nutrition, delicious variety, economy and time-efficiency!

We’re passionate about sharing our system.

Our unique meal plans and Trader Joe’s shopping lists, combined with our expert guidance & support will help you integrate healthy eating into your life in a simple & practical way.

We'd love to share our system with you so that you can also reach your nutrition, health or weight loss goals!

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Narina Minassian

Degrees in exercise & nutrition science taught "Nar" an effective approach to diet and fitness. A lifetime of playing team sports gave her an encouraging coaching style.

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Elaine Miller

As a nutrition coach & personal trainer with a background in teaching, Elaine is an enthusiastic & supportive leader with close attention to detail.


TJ's Grab & Go Guide

In this FREE download, we share our favorite Trader Joe's ready-to-eat foods for you to use on your busiest of days.

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